Exercise and Breathing Therapies

These exercise therapies are generally considered safe, approaches to self-care to promote a healthy lifestyle and they are highly recommended as an adjunct therapy with acupuncture.

Qi Gong

Qi means life force and Gong means work. Qigong therefore means working or practicing with Qi.

Qigong is considered to be a form of moving meditation and the exercises are focused. For example, one qi gong may focus on breathing, while another works to strengthen the energy flow to the heart. It is historically practiced purely for healing the body of specific diseases depending on the specific techniques or styles of Qigong being practiced. The long-term benefit of Qigong practice can also harmonizes the mind/body and spiritual connection.

Tai Qi

Tai Chi is an active form of meditation and it is also a form of Qigong. It is not as focused on a particular type of energy flow like Qigong. It is based on martial art that emphasizes on softness, internal energy development, and spiritual cultivation. Also unlike Qigong, Tai Chi focuses on posture and alignment. It generally relates to energies of physical movement to open the meridian pathways of the body and to smooth the flow of qi.


Meditation, along with Qigong and Taichi are great exercise therapies to improve and maintain health and to harmony the imbalances within the body.