Jennifer R: IBS/Neck and Back pain/Depression/Anxiety

Cindy is a brilliant, honest, kindhearted individual that truly goes above and beyond for her patients.  I met Cindy, January of 2018 to overcome the side effects I was experiencing after making the choice to wean myself off my antidepressant as well as my continuous neck/back pain.  I was overwhelmed with feelings of anger, sadness, numb to my emotions from starting the process to wean myself off my antidepressant, which I had been taking for 22 years.  As soon as I started lowering my antidepressant dosage I got chronic diarrhea, later diagnosed by my primary doctor as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  My primary physician told me the only way to stop the IBS would be to continue my antidepressant or take another medication daily for IBS (which was like an antidepressant).  He said, I would have IBS forever otherwise.  In addition, to speaking with my primary care physician, I also met with a psychiatrist who advised my body just might need the antidepressant and tried to convince me it was ok if I took it forever.  I was highly disappointed I was not getting the support I desired from western medicine.  After speaking with my cousin one day she advised me Cindy helped her balance her hormones.  I scheduled an appointment with Cindy January of 2018 and it was one of the best decisions of my life.  Cindy is not just my acupuncturist she is my therapist, friend and second mother while I am at the clinic.  Cindy listens to me, offers encouraging advice, researches on her own for answers to my symptoms and provides top-notch treatment with her impeccable bedside manner.  The hour I spend with Cindy is the most relaxing hour of my day, it is so peaceful that I crave being in her room for that tranquil and safe feeling.  Cindy has freed me of IBS and my neck/shoulder pain.  She used various modalities to treat my IBS such as acupuncture needles, estim (electrical stimulation therapy on needles in my stomach area), moxibustion (burning moxa stick and using heat therapy to increase flow over my stomach). For my neck/back pain she added different forms of cupping and scrapping which feels amazing as well.  I have also gone to Cindy when I am feeling a cold coming on, or feeling fatigued/toxic from over indulging in food, which results in brain fog, depression, and constipation.  Anytime my body does not feel balanced, I go see Cindy.  Anytime I feel a body ache or headache, I go see Cindy.  Anytime I feel my depression/anxiety flaring up, I go see Cindy.  I do not call my primary physician anymore I trust and turn to Cindy when it comes to overall well-being.  Cindy can be reach by phone (call or text) or by email and she always answers/responds within the hour if its during her business hours and even when she is on vacation she will respond.  From the bottom of my heart thank you Cindy for all you have done for me. 

Kristen G: PCOS/Hormonal Imbalance/Menstrual Regulation

Cindy has been a life saver! Literally. I honestly wasn’t a believer of acupuncture or “Chinese medicine” but have been battling some hormonal issues that were really taking a toll on my body and my mental wellness for years. After trying everything from traditional western medicine endocrinologists ..who put me on meds that made me feel like crap…personal trainers and dietitians…all sorts of supplements and more. I felt I had no hope to fix this hormonal imbalance (PCOS which aided in my mood swings, weight gain, depression dips , skin issues , insulin resistance etc).
Not many people know about PCOS and how it effects a woman’s body from the inside out but if it’s not taken care of and managed it can lead to very serious health issues like diabetes, endometriosis , endometrial ca and more.
I took myself off all my medication since I had been loosing some weight and wanted to give my body a fresh start.
Found Cindy of Goji online when I moved to Tracy a few months ago. She took my insurance so I made an appt. it was THE BEST DECISION IVE MADE FOR MY HEALTH, WELL BEING AND MYSELF.
She is so kind! Explains things in detail. Listen to you and is very attentive. She eased me into it my first few sessions. Like I said, I wasn’t sure how it could help my hormones and things going on INSIDE my body.
After my THIRD session I started to have 28 day cycles on the dot, on time! 5-7 days long and even ovulated! I have not triggered a menstrual cycle on my own let alone on the 28th day with ovulation since I was 14/15 yrs old. Ive now has 3 cycles on time in a row naturally. I’m less bloated I feel overall so much healthier already. I’m also getting better sleep, my moods are balancing too.
If you’ve ever wanted to try it for any reason..stress..depression…pain…fertility issues… give her a try! She’s amazing at what she does and all the knowledge she has.

Christina M: Knee pain

Saw Cindy who took her time explaining to me all different modalities to help with my knee pain and other stuff. Appreciate people that listen and explain other options. This is the 2nd treatment that I have received and I’m starting to feel a bit better. Highly recommend giving Cindy at Goji Acupuncture a try instead of takin too much meds

Cynthia C: Hip & Knee Pain

I am so grateful to have met & been treated by Cindy at Goji Acupuncture.  My Hip & Knee Pain had me nearly in tears, even after previous chiropractic & Acupuncture treatments.  Cindy’s treatments have significantly lowered my pain, & I can relax knowing my body is now finally healing.
Cindy is a born healer with exceptional skill and careful attention to details.  She has helped me so much that I gladly travel from Sacramento to Tracy for her amazing treatments.
Again, I can only say, I’m so grateful to have found her.
Thank You Thank You Thank You

Alicia Y: Overall Chronic Pain

Cindy is amazing! By far the best, most knowledgeable acupuncturist I’ve been to. I can’t say enough positive things about her. She is someone that truly loves what she does,  and it shows. Her goal is to help you as much as possible, and that’s what she does. She has taken me from almost immobile to moving around and functioning better than I have in years. I recommend anyone that has any kind of issues, pain especially, to try a few visits with her. I have permanent injuries and chronic pain, that multiple Dr’s and meds can’t fix. She’s been able to treat it all, successfully. Acupuncture really does work and Cindy is by far the best at it. Give her a try, you’ll be glad you did.